The Whaley Historic House Museum is a Gilded Age museum, which seeks to promote the history of Flint and inspire all forms of historical inquiry. Currently the House is open for tours on Saturdays and staff run numerous events that engage the public in the field of history. For more information about tour hours, programming, and rental information visit the whaleyhouse.com. The Whaley House Museum is governed by the Whaley Historical House Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

East Kearsley Street Notes is now published by Executive Director, Samantha Engel. Samantha is a proud Michigan native and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Ferris State University and her Master of Arts degree in Early American History from Western Michigan University.


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  1. I believe the director hit it on the head when she talked about how to make a museum interesting and not boring. When you can get a well groomed tour that puts information and interaction together with the time period structure this makes your historical visit remembered in a good way. I am so looking forward to the House in Mourning program and exhibit. I will keep up on this.

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