Excuse our dust: Our work isn’t done just yet

As I sit here at the McFarlan Home at 700 East Kearsley, I look out at this ice cold Cultural Center and the busy contractors coming in and out of the Whaley.

We had our fire happen two years ago in November. Two long years of at times stress, hopelessness, and dread. But then something surprising started happening in November of 2016. Exterior work was beginning, finally, on this Victorian gem.

By May and June, coming into the summer, roof work was finally starting and just like August is like a bow tieing the summer season to an end, our roof was complete as well. Interior work commenced through September and into the fall months, and just November was coming to a close, we had plaster work beginning on the second floor of the home.

I am pleased to say that that plasterwork on the second floor is now complete. We have walls!! You have no idea how that makes us, those around the museum, feel.

And that brings us to here, today, in January. We are on track to open sometime during the Spring. But there is still work to be done.

During this last stretch of renovation, we learned we still had a significant shortfall in preserving and restoring the house to how it was prefire. In early December, that amount was $100,000. Today, we still need around $85,000.

Please consider helping us in restoring this beautiful Gilded Age home. Any support helps us in being able to open the house once more, here in 2018.


For more information and how you can support us in our renovation, please feel free to email us at director@whaleyhouse.com or call us at 810.471.4714.


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