Interim Executive Director Introduction

Greetings to all friends of the Whaley Historic House Museum!

My name is Jason Botz, and I would like to formally introduce myself as the Interim Executive Director for the Whaley Historic House Museum. Samantha Engel, our previous director, has now embarked on an exciting new journey as the Historian for the Dow Foundation. Our loss is most definetly a huge gain for them, and I know that Samantha will be a hard act for me to follow.

I have been involved with the Whaley House for three years now. I started here as a work study student while working on my bachelor’s degree in history. During that time, I had the pleasure of working closely with Samantha on projects such as collections cataloging, program planning, and even some general maintenance on the house. The Whaley Dinner Club is my own pet project, something that I developed to combine my culinary skills, as a former Chef, with my passion for history.

After I graduated, I was invited to join the Board of Directors for the Whaley House. I had been serving in that capacity for approximately nine months when Samantha informed us that she would be leaving. The board honoured me by voting to place me in the interim director’s position, and that brings me to today.

While I am acting in this capacity, I plan to continue with Samantha’s vision for the Whaley House by offering exciting and informative programming. We will be holding our monthly History Happy Hour events at Tenacity Brewing in Flint, our quilting groups at the Local Grocers, the Kearsley Street walking tours, and of course the Whaley Dinner Club. Along with these events, some new programs are in the works. So be sure to keep up with us on FaceBook, and join us as we celebrate the history of our city, Flint.


Jason Botz


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