Restoration Update

If you’ve recently driven past the Whaley House, you have probably seen the work being done. I am happy to report that work is progressing very smoothly at this point!


So, what’s been done so far?

Masons have completed the brick repair to the chimneys and the interior of the third floor. Once that was done, steel plates were installed for new steel support beams to rest upon. The portion of the roof that needed to be removed was then demolished (we were actually able to save more than we thought!), and then they installed the steel supports and began rebuilding the roof! It’s been pretty amazing to see how it’s all coming together!


Here you can see one of the steel support beams. They are connected to supports that run all of the way to the basement, so they can help take pressure off of the brick walls, which were beginning to bow out after standing for over 150 years.

And now what happens?

Well, we will continue with the roof repair and it is estimated that that will be done by the end of the February. Once the roof is buttoned up, though, they can begin preparing to work inside. It is not clear what will happen first inside, but we will be sure to keep you updated!

Finally seeing progress on the house has been incredible. Even though we’ve been working hard to prepare everything for work and making the appropriate plans, it still seemed that restoration was so far away and completing it loads further. Now, however, it seems that the end is actually in site, even though it will take most of this year to get there.


Here you can see another steel beam sitting on top of the brick wall and new wooden members going in. Additionally, you can see another steel beam that has been added to the floor of the third floor. All of this will ensure that house stands for many generations to come!

Be sure to stay in touch in order to stay up do date with the restoration process!


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