You may have noticed several posts on our Facebook page about fundraisers. Be it our Whaley Dinner Club event or our FarmRaiser. I just wanted to explain what our fundraising needs are at the moment.


As I have mentioned, I am trying to get the Whaley House out to the community. And by out, I mean physically out. With the museum closed, our programming needs to take place outside and, for the most part, offsite. This means that we need to rethink our events and the ways that we can engage people at them. This, coupled with the fact that we lost some things in the fire and the rest is packed away for storage and cleaning, means that we need to create new programs. That always requires new funds.

We hope you will support us as we try to think of innovative ways to see you all out and about this summer. It’s looking like it will be at least a year before things are finished. I can say that I personally miss inviting people into the Whaley House and sharing its story with everyone, but we will be around! You can see us at Applewood’s 100th Birthday Party, our Victorian Picnic, Family Fun Night at Applewood, and, of course, at various Lumber City Base Ball Club events.


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