Swing, Batter!

“For it’s one, two, three strikes” …sing it with me… “You’re out at the old ball gaaaaame!”


Well that was fun!  I hope you were all singing along in front of your computer with me! I also hope you all are ready for another season of vintage ball with the Lumber City Base Ball Club! Our first home game was played on April 30 and you can catch us next Saturday, May 21, starting at noon!

This year, in addition to regular games, the Lumber City Base Ball Club will host two vintage base ball tournaments, the first of which is May 21. The Stockton Cup is named after Colonel Thomas Stockton, who lived right here in Flint. His house, now the Stockton Center (find out more about this site and the history of the Stockton family here!), was built in 1872 and is open for various events today. The tournament, though, will see four teams competing for, what is sure to become, the coveted Stockton Cup. Other prizes will be given out as well, including the Maria Stockton Award for Gentlemanly Conduct.


A 2015 game in Saginaw against their Old Golds

If you’ve never been to one of our games, I would greatly encourage it. Not only is it a nice reason to be outside on a lovely day (weather permitting, of course), but it’s an interesting look into the history of base ball. Our players are dressed different, they have their own lingo, they don’t wear gloves, and they seem more supportive of one another than a game of ball today. It’s not uncommon for the first baseman to congratulate a runner on the quality of his strike (hit). And you know things are going well when shouts of “Huzzah!” are heard. It’s okay to just clap your hands as well, though.

The Whaley House is also looking forward to having a stronger presence at the games this year. With the museum closed for restoration, the games provide a great opportunity for us to talk to community members about the museum after the fire and to show that we are still around!

We hope to see you all next Saturday! Check out a complete Lumber City schedule, as well as the location of our field, on our website.


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