Community Asset



As things in the rebuilding process are moving along, I have been able to dedicate a lot of time to thinking about and envisioning how the Whaley House can become a space for the community when it reopens and I have some ideas.

Instead of just being open for tours on the weekends, we want to have family days that will feature Gilded-Age board games, story time for kids, and an opportunity for people to explore the house on their own. And, if you’ve already seen everything the house has to offer, you can just enjoy the space with your family and take part in a game of the “Mansion of Happiness” or Charades!

history is timeless groupshot

We additionally want to open the space up to be a workspace for everyone! One idea is to use the house as a quiet work environment some nights. The house has an amazing and inspiring atmosphere, so why not allow others to share in the inspiration I’m able to feel from working in there. So, if you are working on coursework, writing, sketching, editing photographs, or anything else, you can find a welcoming home, where people once did similar things and Robert and Mary used to think great thoughts!

What would you like to see at the Whaley House? What do you think about these ideas? Do you have others? We’d love to hear your feedback! We want our doors to be open for you!

RJ at the Door



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