Programming During the Restoration


Although the Whaley House is currently closed for regular operations, we are still busy planning programs that will take place throughout the spring and summer. The last thing we want is to remain closed up and silent during these unfortunate months that we aren’t open. So, here’s the low down on ways you can see the Whaley House in the upcoming months!

We had already intended on partnering with Edible Flint this year, but after the fire we realized this would provide us a very important opportunity for off-site programs. We have two events scheduled…

Distribution Day

On May 18 Edible Flint will be distributing their starter kits filled with seeds and seedlings for city residents to use in building their own backyard gardens. We will be there providing information about the ways nineteenth century families used fresh vegetables and fruits in their own diets!

A Vicorian Picnic

On June 25 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm we will be hosting A Victorian Picnic at the Edible Flint Demo Garden, located across from Hurley Hospital. The event will be filled with Gilded-Age yard games, food, and festivities. Period attire is strongly encouraged!

We are excited about these new programs, but we are still continuing a few Whaley classics.

Quilting Bee Workshop with Flint Handmade

photo 2(4)

Our Quilting Bee has been continuing off-site this year on the third Saturday of EVERY month! We were having so much fun in 2015, that we decided to increase our meeting frequency this year. We have been scheduling our locations a few at a time, so here is our schedule through May! We are still meeting from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm.

March 26 at the Flint Institute of Art

April 16 at Totem Books

May 21 at Sloan Museum’s Halfway Cafe

Lumber City Base Ball Club


Our vintage base ball team is back at it this year! The season’s home games are listed on our website. The bolded events are new tournaments, so stay tuned for more information!

There are going to be more events slowly added to our lineup, but this is a great place to start as we conceive new ideas and ways that they museum can serve you!




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