It’s beginning to look a lot like…Halloween!

Good Morning all on this Friday morning!! It’s intern Beth here coming at you live from the Whaley House. I hope you all have had a lovely week and are ready for the weekend. This week I was able to attend a volunteer meeting and there I obtained a schedule for the events coming up in October. Furthermore, if I may say, the Whaley House has so many exciting events in October! And I encourage any and all to come and check them out! Of course there is History Happy Hour, the Flint Zombie Walk, Twilight tours, and a movie night! Plus the Whaley House will have the Monsters of Old exhibit to come and check out.

As I have finished with my project for the Whaley House I have been helping with research for the Monsters of Old exhibit by first researching vampires and am now on to ghosts. Actually just as I finish my project, the Whaley House receives a furniture donation of Eastlake Furniture. The donation includes a settee with four matching chairs, a table and a lamp. I just got to see the furniture today. Everything is in lovely condition and gorgeous! Research for the Monsters of Old exhibit is going quite well, I learned quite a lot about the history of vampires and my research on ghosts does not cease to interest me.

That is all for now readers, keep on reading and enjoy the weekend



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