Fun Fun Fun!!

Good morning and hello to all on this gorgeous Wednesday morning, it’s the one and only intern Beth here coming at you live from the Whaley House. Well I hope many of you have been able to come out and see our fantastic Flint in Photos exhibit. I know there was quite a buzz going on here on Saturday the 19th. If you haven’t been over to check out the exhibit, well then come on down! 🙂 Tomorrow another exciting event will be occurring; its the FireFly walk! It’s being held at Applewood and starts at 5 going until 8pm. It’s going to be tons of fun so be sure to stop on by.

I’m excited to say the my research report is coming together very nicely. I have almost finished and am ready to have it peer reviewed. I super excited that all my research is coming together into something that can benefit the Whaley House. I have been working on it like mad all this week and am so excited to see the product of my hard work. Today I will be returning to work like mad on my report to get the majority of it finished and ready for peer review and critiquing. Well loyal readers and Whaley fans I’m afraid that is all for today. I must adjourn to my report. Don’t forget to join in the fun events of the Whaley House!!

Until next time!



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