It’s all coming together!

Greetings fellow Whaley fans! It’s intern Beth here coming at you live from the Whaley House. I hope you all had a fantastic Fourth of July and lit up the sky with patriotism! Also be sure to keep checking out the awesome videos of Bobble head Robert Whaley and his shenanigans. Things are going great here at the Whaley House. Last Wednesday I had the privilege of attending a meeting and learning more about the inner workings of the Museum. Tuesday I attended the volunteer meeting and a couple of exciting events are coming up that are a must see! Be A Tourist starts July 18th and the Whaley House is going to have a lovely exhibit to show; called Flint in Photos, so be sure to come check it out! The exhibit is coming together so nicely, the pictures are looking great and the canvas Jason is painting to put the pictures on, looks fantastic!

Back to the Bricks is another upcoming event on August 15th so while you’re out roaming Flint looking at all the awesome cars don’t forget to stop in at the Whaley House for a dose of history too as Robert Whaley was the one who gave the starting loan to General Motors. There is also going to be some quilting going on here at the Whaley House during Back to the Bricks so be sure to come on by!! My project here is an improving work in progress. I am happy to say that I have begun my final report. I must say, even though I don’t consider myself an expert in writing papers, this report is coming together so well and I am having a lot of fun writing it. I have no clue how long it will be but it’s going to be a beautiful work of art when I am done :). Well readers I must return to the writing of my report. Don’t forget to check out the upcoming events here at the Whaley House; it’s going to be a blast! And be sure to keep checking out Bobble head Robert Whaley and all his adventures.

Until next time! Keep on reading!



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