Enjoy your Fourth of July!!

Hello again all! It’s intern Beth here coming at you live from the Whaley House. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are super excited for the fourth of July weekend. Another exciting week has almost gone by here and I am excited to say that I am done with the majority of my research for my project and am therefore ready to start putting it altogether. I am excited to see the outcome of all my hard work. Not that looking at tons of furniture and their history isn’t fun, but I’m excited to put all of my information down on paper for all to read who want to know.

The Flint in Photos exhibit is coming together so nicely; pictures are being printed and cut out and they are looking pretty snazzy and a canvas is being painted by Jason for the exhibit and it looks amazing so far. I guarantee that it will be a must see exhibit when it is completed. And even today I get to help with getting the pictures cut out and looking snazzy. I am very excited to see how this exhibit looks as a finished product. And of course I will also be working on writing out my project today :).

That is all for now Whaley House readers, I hope you all have a fantastic fourth of July weekend!

Until next time!




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