Knowledge is Power!

Hello again Whaley fans and history lovers!! It’s intern Beth here coming at you live once again on a lovely Friday morning from the Whaley House. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and have enjoyed the sunshine. The multitude of events here at the Whaley House has begun. Saturday the 20th was the Quilting Bee and though I was working on my project, I was able to catch a few glances at all the fun that was going on. The Flint in Photos exhibit is coming together nicely, don’t forget to check it out beginning July 18th through August 22nd; it’s going to be amazing!! I hope you all have also been to see the Lumber City Baseball games and if you haven’t there are still plenty more games to attend!!

How is it going with my project you may ask? Well during the Quilting Bee on the 20th I stopped in to do some investigating and look for any makers marks on the furniture; unfortunately, due to re-upholstery and/or the environment in which it was made (most likely in a factory), I was unable to find any. (Special thanks to my mom for coming along to help). However, fear not loyal readers for my failed discovery has given me more ideas for researching my first batch of chairs and then moving on to the second batch. I am so excited to have all this information!

That is all for now readers!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to check out the Lumber City Baseball game this Saturday!

Until next time,



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