Adventures for the week of June 15th

Greetings once again fellow history lovers and Whaley House followers. This is Intern Beth here coming at you live via the Whaley House! I hope you all have been enjoying the blog posts so far as well as the videos of Bobble head Robert Whaley and his adventures around downtown Flint. Another amazing week at the Whaley House has come and gone all too soon yet was filled with fantastic activities. Monday I stopped by the Whaley House in the early afternoon to help out Sam and a couple other volunteers with weeding the flower beds around the House. While it was a bit muggy that day, we had the flower beds looking spiffy and weed-less in only an hour with everyone’s hard work. The flower beds looks 110% better if I may say so myself.

Wednesday was one of my absolute favorite days this week. As many of you probably know, and even if you don’t know; the Whaley House is putting together an exhibit called Flint in Photos. This exhibit is meant to show Flint, through photos, from the time it was founded until present day. On Wednesday, Jason and I went out and walked around downtown to local businesses and the local historical places to grab some pictures of the buildings and even some of the employees in front of their place of business. It was great, as I’ve never walked around downtown Flint before, so I learned a little bit about the businesses and even some history I never knew about Flint. After Jason and I did our photo-shoot of downtown Flint we met the Whaley House’s director, Sam, at the Buick Gallery to look through and scan a bunch of photos of Flint they had pulled for us.

Looking through those photos was my favorite part of the day, it was simply amazing to see how much life Flint had in previous years and the different activities the various organizations had planned. The Buick Gallery was awesome to see as well, as I’ve never been there before. After we collected a good amount of photos, Vehicle City Tacos was decided as the place for lunch, and may I say they have amazing food! Today I will be working on some labeling and shadowing a tour, plus helping clean and set up for the Quilting Bee tomorrow. I cannot wait to see the finished product of the Flint in Photos exhibit!

Until next time!!

Enjoy this beautiful Friday and Weekend!!




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