Community Ties

If you follow our Facebook page, you may have noticed that our Robert Whaley bobble head (to whom you were introduced in my last Director’s blog post) has been getting out and about town! I love being able to sit down with my student employees and brainstorm new adventures for Robert (we may be treating him a bit more like a person than a bobble head should be treated these days) and throw in a dose of humor. Bobble heads are always funny! They are even funnier riding around Flint in a toy car. Although Robert is a fun addition to the Whaley Historic House Museum, he does serve a greater purpose. In fact, he serves a couple.

By creating videos of a bobble head, we hope the museum will be viewed as a warm, fun, interesting, and inviting place to visit. We want people to see these videos and think that there are fun things going on at the museum and that we don’t take ourselves too terribly seriously. Sure, we are a museum and we are authorities on the Whaley family and Gilded Age life, but we can also laugh at ourselves, when appropriate.

Robert wanted to wish me Happy Birthday a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it was actually my Birthday.

Robert wanted to wish me Happy Birthday a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it was actually my Birthday.

Additionally, by taking Robert out into Flint we are being noticed and our connection to the city is growing. We had individuals ask us what were doing and one woman held her small child and they watched as we pulled Robert down Saginaw Street. Flint is a bustling, hopeful, driven community of leaders, business owners, and residents and we want the Whaley House to be part of that narrative. Robert plans to make appearances at various booths at the Farmer’s Market and even to stop in some local businesses. If you want to hang out with Robert contact the museum at (810) 471-4714.

Robert made his first Farmer's Market Stop!

Robert made his first Farmer’s Market Stop!

We hope that you will continue to enjoy Roberts adventures in the city this summer. We plan to release one video every week on Facebook and then upload images as we come up with new ideas.


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