Happy Friday

A bright good morning to all on this rainy Friday morning. Personally I think that its mornings like these that show the intense beauty of the inside of the Whaley house as the majority of the source of light comes from the lovely lamps and they just give a vintage feel to everything. I hope you all have been checking out the hilarious videos of Mr. Robert Whaley and his shenanigans around Flint. Sam had just got done showing me the most recent ones that have been posted and they are hilarious if I may say so myself. I can’t not wait to see another video of what Mr. Whaley will be up to next time.

Well it’s been another awesome week here at the Whaley House. One thing I’ve noticed that I must give recognition to is that the flowers are looking amazing! Aside from continuing my research on my project, which is still going great, the activity that I’ve spent the most of my time on this week is continuing my cataloging adventure. I know from my second to last post I stated that I had completed my adventure, but Wednesday was the start of the sequel; Labeling. Since I had put all of the objects into the Past Perfect program, Jason wanted to show me how the start labeling them all. The process of labeling is a quite slow process as I had to apply a clear strip and wait for that to dry then apply a white strip on top and wait for that to dry then write the object ID and finally apply another clear protective coat on top. It was a lot of waiting and watching chemicals dry; however, the feeling of accomplishment after a batch of objects was completed was awesome! And even though it was slow, it was still a fun process to take part in and continue today.

That is all for now! Be sure to check out Robert Whaley’s shenanigans around Flint!

Have a great weekend all!!



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