Week Four and so much more!

Hi Hi all, once more it is intern Beth here to give you all an exciting update of what has been going on here at the Whaley House. Last weekend I was able to help out and volunteer at the Whaley House for a rental of a Pin-up photoshoot. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I helped out Sam and Jason with sprucing up the lobby area with a fresh coat of paint. And if I may say so myself, it looks pretty fantastic. I even was able to sit in on a volunteer meeting. The meeting was very interesting and fun to get more details about what upcoming events are going to be happening at the Whaley House during the summer also to get to meet some of the other volunteers. I must say I am very excited for all of the upcoming events.

My project so far is going well. I spend a lot of time researching Victorian furniture and applying that research to the chairs in the attic. All the research I’m doing is really interesting and tells a lot about the time period too. I’m excited to do more research each day as it gives me more knowledge about the chairs and the time period. I hope to begin more research on the other group of chairs in the attic soon. Keep on reading each week for exciting updates! And don’t forget to check out the many adventures of the bobblehead Robert Whaley, also to check out the Lumber City baseball home games!

Keep on reading!

Until Next Time!




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