Another week bites the dust

Hello all, once again this is the intern Beth coming at you live from the Whaley House. Another amazing week here has gone by and I have done a multitude of awesome activities. The Whaley House is looking mighty pretty with it’s hanging baskets all planted and hung up. I was able to help plant these budding beauties at the Whaley House, they are gorgeous red geraniums and they are up for viewing on the front porch of the house. Even just today, more geraniums were purchased for the hanging baskets on the side porch; they were planted today and are a dark pink color which compliments the red ones nicely. I must say that the Whaley House is looking good for spring and summer.

Furthermore, I have finished my cataloging adventure in the Nursery of Florence’s bedroom. While entering the objects into past perfect is a repetitive process, it was actually very fun to document historical objects as I was able to even learn what some objects were and how they were used. I am also pleased to announce…I have finally chosen a project! *and the crowd goes wild* Thank you, yes I have finally chosen a project to work on and its a very interesting one if I may say so myself. My first day here I was given a tour of the house that included the attic, I was shown a room in the attic that contained a multitude of chairs, couches, settees, etc. that did not have much known about them or whether they were part of the correct time frame for the Whaley house. For my project, I plan to research the chairs in the attic and hopefully be able to weed out some that don’t belong in the time frame for the house and therefore create more space and, of course, cataloging them.

Keep on reading as I will continue to post about my adventures at the Whaley House!

And I hope you all had a Happy Memorial Day!




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