A week already??

Hello again fellow history fans, this is the new intern Beth here coming at you live from the Whaley House. I’ve been having such an amazing time here so far working at the Whaley House. The activities that I have been doing so far have literally been like a dream for someone who calls herself a proud history geek. So far at the Whaley House I have gotten to help with storing some of the linens which was great to be able to see and handle some of the Whaley’s old napkins and tablecloths. I have also gotten to shadow a tour which I love love loved as I got to learn more about the Whaley House as well as the Whaley’s and the time period that I had not known before and it gave me a better understanding of the family’s history.

When I wasn’t helping with storage or shadowing I have been helping Sam with her research for her Halloween exhibit for the Whaley House this year; Monsters of Old. I have been researching about the history of vampires and what some of the superstitions and beliefs were and how they originated. And being that Halloween is my second favorite holiday(first one is Christmas) I am constantly intrigued by every new fact I learn about the history of vampires and I am super excited to be able to help with the research for the exhibit. Another awesome thing I am beginning to take part in is cataloging. I recently got to meet Jason who showed me the ropes of cataloging and has me helping him with his cataloging adventure. I must say while cataloging seems like a long and multi-step process; I love it as I get a hands on experience with the artifacts and even stumble upon some mystery items that require research to discover what they are. Plus it gives me more of an insight as to how everyday life was for the Whaley’s during this time period. I was also given the privilege of posting the dates for the home games for the Lumber City Baseball Club; don’t forget to come and check out some vintage baseball!! And for those who haven’t heard or seen the pictures on the Whaley House Facebook page, the Whaley House has welcomed a new member; the bobble-head of Robert Whaley! They’ll be plenty of pictures of him going on with his daily activities here at the Whaley House, so don’t forget to check him out too!!

Until next time! Keep reading!!




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