Salutations fellow History Fans!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Liedel, but everyone calls me Beth. I am the new intern at the Whaley House Historic Museum for this summer and let me just say that I am super excited to be able to take this next step towards my dream job. I am currently a senior at the University of Michigan-Flint and will be graduating next year; Winter 2016. Before attending U of M-Flint I attended Alma College for one year and before that Mott Community College for two years. I am proud to say that I am a History Major with a Spanish Minor. I first became seriously interested in History during my sophomore year in high school. I was in a U.S. History class that was taught by a teacher who, after that class, became my favorite teacher; he made every aspect of history taught in that class so interesting and fun to learn. It was after that class that I knew I wanted to major in History. After I graduate from U of M-Flint I do hope to acquire my dream job of working in a museum amongst the artifacts.

Some other facts about me is that in addition to being a proud History geek, I am also a movie geek which comes in handy as a I work at a movie store. My favorite century in History is the 20th century, particularly the early to mid-20th century. I have an older sister and a younger brother who everyone calls my twin. I have six dogs (obvious dog lover haha); four shih-tzus named: Rita, Clarabell, Lucy and Oscar; one shorkie (shih-tzu and yorkie) named Mitsie; and my dachshund named Captain Jack Sparrow. I also have a cat named Putters. I am a huge fan of Michigan football, which is why I’m proud to call myself a Wolverine.

As I said before I am so super excited to be the new intern here at the Whaley House. I had only been to tour the Whaley house twice with two of my classes, but it only took one tour to know that I loved this place. I am so glad I was given this opportunity, as I plan to work in a museum someday, I am now able to see what all is done in order to run a museum and participate in those activities as well. I know that this experience will help me with my future knowledge, as well as future opportunities. That’s a little bit about myself 🙂 I will be posting on here every week so keep reading!

Until next time,




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