Fall 2014 Preview

This summer has been incredibly pleasant for the fall lover in me. The heat will flair up for a few days (and by flair up I mean reach somewhere in the low 80s) and then it will subside into a low 70s paradise. The nights are cool, the breezes already have the scent of fall on them, and I’ve even spotted a few trees with a cluster of changing leaves. I feel like the last few years our falls have been cut short with drawn out summers or early freezes, but I feel like this will be a fall to remember.

I can’t wait to hear leaves crunch under my feet!

This fall will be one to remember at the Whaley Historic House Museum as well. In addition to our new and expanded October programming, which I will get to in a moment, we are starting our new program, History Happy Hour, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Once a month we’ll gather at the Whaley House, listen to a lecture on any topic remotely related to history, and enjoy a drink. Topics this fall include “The Worst Jobs in American History” in September, “Why Was the Nineteenth Century So Creepy?” in October, and “Drunk History: Michigan’s Temperance Movement” in November. Lectures will be held on the first Friday of the month at 7:00. Get there a few minutes early to secure your seat!



This October we will be growing last year’s House in Mourning program and focusing on the spiritualist movement. “Beyond Mourning: Spiritualists, Psychics, and Seances” will include a Ghost Hunt Fundraiser on September 27, participation in the Flint Zombie Walk, historical interpreters acting as a nineteenth-century Medium and Ghost Hunter, an exhibit on mourning practices, and a haunted house! Dates for specific events in October have not been set yet, but stay tuned for more information!

Seriously! What is up with people editing all of these nineteenth-century photos to be so creepy!

This fall will be an exciting and unforgettable time at the Whaley House and we are all getting excited about everything it might bring!


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