The Books Have Been Completed!

Hello, Chris here with the weekly blog post

Today is a monumental day in terms of my internship and final project as my summer here is coming to a close in the next week here. As I have stated in past blog posts my main project at the Whaley House this summer was cataloging all of the books in a computer program called PastPerfect used for Museums to keep track of all the miscellaneous things in a museum or historical house. This included books in the study, parlor, bedrooms, as well as the third floor. I am happy to say after over 800 books cataloged with pictures included I am completely done with this huge task.

But don’t get it twisted, I had a ton of fun doing this project as well as learning a program I will most likely have to use in the future with PastPerfect. I also found some really cool books along the way, and a lot of the books we came across we didn’t even know we had. It was such an awesome experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. As for my internship I will be done as of next Tuesday, but this does not mean I will not be around at the house periodically. I am becoming a volunteer at the house and will help out as much as my school and work schedules allow. This very well may be one of my last blog posts if not my last. If so, it was great keeping everyone entertained on the posts and hopefully you have learned some interesting things from my blog posts!

Have a great rest of summer, Chris

PS: Here are some of the cool books we found.


photo 2





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