Medicare starts…today?

Hello Chris the intern here with another weekly post,

Today in 1965 Medicare was signed into law by President Lyndon B, Johnson who had been an advocate of a program for healthcare in terms of the elderly. Harry Truman had also been a strong supporter of a healthcare program and one of the original people to push for some sort of legislation. Harry S. Truman eventually became the first person enlisted into Medicare as well as the first citizen with a Medicare card as an honor from President Johnson for his support in the years before legislation. Medicare was added into the Social Security Act of 1935.

To this day Medicare is used by millions of United States veterans and the elderly. This was one of the major bills passed in the 1960’s and realistically one of the best amendments a president has ever enacted. Medicaid was also implemented during the same time which helped low-income families get good, cheap healthcare. However Medicare was strictly federally funded and Medicaid is state and federally funded. All of these things were part of President Johnson’s “War Against Poverty” campaign.


Until next week my friends,




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