Whaley House Book Club

Chris had been doing such a good job with his weekly blog posts that connected the past to the present that I decided to pull back from the blog and let him enjoy the spotlight. Now, however, there is something I’m excited to share with you.

The Whaley House Book Club, which began as the “Murder Most Foul” Book Club and kept on going, will be making a format change. We are going digital! I’m excited about the possibilities of this new change and here are a few reasons why.

1. We can reach audience members from around the globe.

2. The discussion can continue long after the hour we used to meet. If you have something new to say about October’s book in December, feel free!

3. People who couldn’t find time between work, family, and a million other things we deal with during a regular day will be able to participate.

4. If you didn’t have time to finish the whole book, you can still feel comfortable making that one comment you really want to make.

Well, these are just a few of the possible benefits of our online book club and now here are the logistics.



The Whaley House Book Club will be operated on Goodreads.com. It’s easy to create an account and you can actually sign in with Facebook. The first book series will run from August through October and feature books that will set the tone for a perfectly spooky fall. In order to avoid spoilers, discussions of each book will begin the final Thursday of each month and will continue as long as you want. Here is the list of books.

August: The Mangle Street Murders by M.R.C. Kasasian

September: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

October: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

If you have any questions about this endeavor please feel free to email me at 1885@whaleyhouse.com. I look forward to seeing you on the discussion boards!


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