Project Update!

Hello, Chris here with another weekly post

As an intern we are required to have an end project or a big project that sprawls throughout the entire internship on top of other miscellaneous things that come up or smaller projects assigned. At the Whaley House I had free reign to come up with an educational project for myself. I chose to catalog all of the books in the house. It sounds easy, but I promise it’s a lot more work then anyone would think. I have put all of the books on the first and second floor in the computer, with uploaded pictures for each individual book or series. This took some serious time! Entering all the books by hand and then by typing was a serious time killer. All left now to do is the fabled third floor where there are tons and tons of books stacked that need to be written down and organized. I plan to have this done within the next few days I am here at the Whaley House, we shall see how long it takes!

These are just a few pictures of the books I have been doing:


photo 2 photo 5 photo 2


Until next week my friends, Chris


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