Allergies are Horrible

Hello, Chris the friendly intern here with the weekly post.

So, today as brought to my attention how miserable allergies make me. My eyes are itchy, my nose is being blown on a constant basis and I can’t taste any of the food I eat because of my nose, and to top it off people want to stay away from me because they think I have some form of the Bubonic Plague. But luckily in our modern society we have plenty of medicines that are over the counter or prescription for us to take to dull or take away the symptoms for an extended period of time. But what did people do back in 1885 to help allergies? Did they have medicine or did they use more natural methods?

Well in the late 1800’s people used Bee Pollen and Honey as a cure for these symptoms. That’s right, Honey. Apparently honey has natural antihistamines which make it so your body doesn’t react as horribly, especially if you eat local honey in particular. How this works is that pollen is still in honey that is locally grown, which gives your body small samples of the pollen that would normally have you get horrible allergies for. This slowly but surely builds an immunity in your body for the local pollen’s that make you so miserable, in effect making allergies disappear, at least for some time. I personally think I will attempt to do this as soon as I possibly can; maybe I will go to the Flint Farmer’s Market to find some local honey to ease this allergies. Nonetheless, hopefully this helps out someone else with as horrible allergies as me!

Until next week,



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