New York City!

Hello Chris the friendly intern here with the weekly post.

Today I am excited, I am leaving for New York City tomorrow and I will be back later next week. I am originally from New York and it’s great to visit family and friends, but New York is such a diverse place and I just can never get enough of it. Not to mention the history in this city is phenomenal as well, the city has been through tons of trying times, including the revolutionary period. Lots of famous leaders are buried here and the headquarters of the United Nations is also here, which is where my father worked for 35 years before retirement.

A lot of people don’t have an opportunity to go here so a lot of the big tourist attractions are mesmerizing to them. I however will focus on the history of the Empire State building today, one of the cities most memorable or distinguishable landmarks. The Empire State Building was the first building to be constructed with over 100 floors (it has 102) and it was constructed in 1931 and for many years to come it held the title of the tallest building in the world, but obviously as time has passed buildings like the Sears Tower and the World Trade Center would shadow this building.



Unlike those buildings however, the Empire State Building is a lot more sturdy than a modern day tower. The Empire State Building is built out of brick, which is a lot more than the Original World Trade Centers or the New Freedom Tower. The Empire State Building today is worth over 500 million dollars and sure to rise in price as the years go on. 

The observation deck is quite a sight as well, especially if you look down.





Until next week my friends, Chris.


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