The Museum Community

Last Friday I traveled up to West Branch to present a workshop on how to run an historic house museum. There were people there from Tawas, Roscommon, West Branch and the larger Ogemaw County Historical Society, and maybe more! It was a wonderful experience. It was great to have the opportunity to share my experiences and learn from others with such similar and yet different experiences. I will be running this workshop again on Friday in Lansing at the Historical Society of Michigan office and I can’t wait to connect with even more people working in the small museum field.

The museum community is a wonderfully supportive one. The best way to learn about many things museum professionals encounter is by talking to others in the field. It’s great to hear about programs others have found success with and to hear that everyone has issues with sorting out their collections. Any time I have the opportunity to share with others I leave feeling incredibly motivated and that I am not going it alone.

This workshop is a wonderful way to get people talking about issues facing the field and ways to overcome them. Every museum has a different set of talents working within it, so to be able to share and communicate openly with one another is a great opportunity. If you are interested in this workshop then please consider registering for the Friday presentation. If that doesn’t work, you can feel free to contact me and maybe I can bring the workshop to you!


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