Fashion: Then and Now

Hello, Chris the friendly intern here with the weekly post,

Fashion has always had peoples interests, people like to impress others and the first thing people go to is clothing. Clothing styles change through the years but a lot of the time the fashion world tends to make a full circle and styles will come back into popularity decades later. Oddly enough the 1880’s and present may have more in common then you would realize. I will go through some basic clothing and show the similarities to the two time periods.

To start, both in the 1880’s and present a more slim fitting style is popular. Men wore jackets, pants, shirts and other miscellaneous things very form fitting opposed to a more loose fit. Blazers as we would refer to them now would have thinner lapels, tighter sleeves as well as clothiers starting to make the “cut away” jackets which shortened the bottoms of the jacket as well. Dress was also much more formal than today. Men almost always had dress pants and some sort of vest on as well as a top hat of sorts to accompany. Now these things are still popular today but they are used for particular job settings or events that call for the attire.




Today’s fashion is still has it’s roots in this type of fashion but it has became expanded to areas men in the 1800’s would have never even considered wearing. How men wear suit jackets, dress pants, shirts, and shoes has changed dramatically. Color is also much more bold in modern day fashion.

Many blazers or jackets have slimmed down to one or two buttons opposed to the standard four of the time back in the 1880’s. Dress pants have also been expanded as corduroys, khakis, and dark denim can all be viewed as formal attire. Shoes can also be worn sock-less with ankles showing and multicolored bands for wrist watches opposed to the pocket watch of the past.









At the end of the day, the present always seems to build off the foundation of the past and without the styles that were prominent then we would not having the clothing and styles we do today. Classic staples such as black suit, white shirt, black tie still hold for lots of formal things however there are ways of switching it up. Fashion is something that says something about the era people are living in and it’s something that could give more insight about the past.

Until next week ladies and gents,

– Chris the Intern


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