Vintage Baseball and the Lumber City Base Ball Club

Hello, Chris the friendly intern here with the weekly post.

Baseball is one of the great pastimes of our nation and has really evolved over the decades to the modern sport of baseball we have today. As crazy as it may seem, gloves and stealing bases had different rules or dynamics in the game and home runs did not even exist! A perfect example of this is the vintage baseball teams of today which use old-time rules, such as the Whaley House’s and University of Michigan – Flint History Department’s own Lumber City Base Ball Club.The Lumber City Baseball Club came into existence with their first season in the summer of 2013 and are playing this summer as well with hopefully many more years to come. Lumber City’s team does not use any sort of glove while fielding, whether it be the infield or the outfield. This makes for a much harder game to play as well as higher scoring games as well. Stealing is also different than modern day rules; in vintage rules a base runner can only steal if the catcher “muffs” or misses the ball hurled by the pitcher. In modern day rules a player can steal after the pitcher has initiated the throw towards the plate. The Lumber City Base Ball Club encourages you to come out to enjoy baseball and witness a side of baseball you generally do not see today.

The Lumber City schedule is as follows:

2014 Home Game Schedule

Game time 2:00pm

Saturday, June 7 Port Huron Welkins

Saturday, June 21 Detroit Early Risers

Saturday, June 28 Bay City Independents

Sunday, July 13 Wahoo Club of Royal Oak

Sunday, July 20 Richmond Bees

Saturday, July 26 Saginaw Old Golds

Saturday, August 2 Northville Eclipse

Saturday, August 10 Chelsea Monitors

Saturday, August 23 Walker Wheels


The Home games are played on the UM-Flint campus near the William White Building. The Lumber City team hopes to see you out at the games!

Just another weekly service provided by your friendly neighborhood Intern!

 – Chris


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