Unexpected Events

Hello everyone, Chris the friendly intern is back in action!

Sorry about the lack of posts the past few weeks. I have had some major family problems I’ve had to deal with the past few weeks and had to take a hiatus from my internship for a week or so. I am back now however and I am ready to get these posts rolling! It is sometimes interesting to see what happened this day in history, and what I’m finding today is no short coming on the interesting side.

Today in 1863 the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment out of Boston left to go fight for the Union in the Civil War. However this wasn’t just a normal regiment, this was a volunteer regiment composed of freed blacks in the north who were fighting for their freedom. It’s insane to think roughly 150 years ago we were separated as country fighting for the freedom of the slaves. Imagine if the Union would have lost the war how much different the landscape of America would be today, and how would slavery been implemented in this day in age? It’s a creepy thought; I however am very thankful for the Union winning the war as it brought us closer as a country and enabled us to become one of the strongest, if not the strongest country in the world during the upcoming world wars.


Fun Fact: Today in 1959 the U.S. Army sent off a Jupiter missile for a suborbital flight. This flight did not have any people in it; however it did have two monkeys in them, one of them being a squirrel monkey. Both of them survived and lived to tell the tale. This was the first time living beings were recovered from a space flight.


Until next week my friends,



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