A New Adventure

Hello everyone! I am Chris, the Whaley Historic House Museums new intern for the duration of spring and summer of 2014. I am a junior in standing at the University of Michigan – Flint and I am a History Major. I am very excited for this opportunity and will be posting here on a weekly basis updating the progress I will be doing with my projects, as well as upcoming events for the Museum or just an interesting story for the week.

Since I will be blogging the next several months however let me tell you about myself some. I am an a huge baseball fan, always have been, always will be (you get hated for being a Yankees fan around here), and I was born in Queens, New York. I moved here to Michigan at the age of 4 and have never lived anywhere else. I have a chihuahua named Rio and a cat named Trouble and they’re both absolutely ridiculous to deal with but I love them all the same. I’ve always had a passion for history, in particular around the revolutionary period and I would to travel the northeast in depth and see all of the history that depicts this period. One day I would like to become a curator at a museum or something in the field of historic preservation and I believe this internship will help me reach this goal.

One of my initial projects will start in the weeks to come which will be one of the more interesting things I will be doing this internship. I will be cataloging a majority (if not all) of the books already not cataloged at the museum. There are a ton of books that need to be looked through and sorted. Some books or articles I may find will be an adventure to say the least, however this is something I am completely up to the task of doing and very excited to do. So keep up on my posts and we will see where this adventure takes me!

– Chris

(This is Rio by the way)



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