It’s Been a While

So sorry there’s been such a delay in my making a new post. Things around the museum have been a bit busy, with the preparations for this past Saturday’s special event. It went off wonderfully, by the way. It was so great seeing the house filled with people working on their own pieces of knit and crochet work as well as admiring the things we put on display. The folks from Flint Handmade were a delight to work with and the museum volunteers even seemed to have a good time.

Sometimes I just enjoy seeing the House filled. Most days, there’s an employee and maybe a volunteer or two working in the space, but to hear the house filled with voices and activity is a wonderful site. Personally, I love just seeing people use the space as it would’ve been used. For instance, filling the house with people working on projects for the museum is great, but when they truly start interacting with it, I get all history geeky. I like seeing people eat at the Whaleys’ table during a rental, play parlor games in the parlor, sing Christmas carols in the music room, or knit in the same room Mary Whaley may have worked on her embroidery projects. These are my favorite moments in the Whaley House.

It’s often easy to forget that this old building was once a home. People lived and died here. They loved and they felt pain. They grew up and old. And here, we have attempted to preserve the home as that family would’ve remembered it.


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