Using Domesticity: Women and Their Work in the Nineteenth Century.

Hello Whaley Guests!

This week, although many of my friends are enjoying the sun and warmer weather for spring break, I have been here preparing for the upcoming exhibit, “Using Domesticity: Women and Their Work in the Nineteenth Century.” Preparing for the exhibit has been a lot of work, which I expected, but even last minute changes and last minute cancelations are something you can’t foresee.

We began by sorting through some of the collection and luckily Sam and I have relatively the same taste in what we like. We brought out the pieces we wanted and began putting them on display. This might seem like and easy task, however it takes a lot of arranging and rearranging to make sure everything does not just look thrown around. We played with the arrangements for a while and decided to wait to add more.

We then found out that we would have some extra space on the first floor due to a cancelation, so we began sorting through some more archives and we came across rolls of unused lace. Sam decided to put them in the Linen Room so it would give the illusion of a work space where someone was in the middle of an unfinished project (probably my favorite display so far).

Then we began laying out some more pieces in the parlor. I needed one more round doily, so we headed back into the collection, where we came across some really amazing crocheted pieces that featured animals and other really neat designs. We decided to set up a table to showcase some of our favorites.
All because I needed one more round doily for my display, we ended up with another display! I think it could keep growing if we wanted it too.

I know that we are both excited and hope to have an amazing turnout Saturday.


P.S. Here is a really fun preview of a table cloth that will be on display



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