Whaley website gets a makeover !

Sorry Whaley reader’s about my late post! Blog day is Friday, and I ended up having a severe allergic reaction on my ears to conditioner and couldn’t come in. ( Aren’t you glad I told you that?)

Anyway, last week I began my intern project of revamping the website!

I was really nervous, because (1) I had no idea how to create a website two. (2) I wanted Sam to be happy with it (she’s super scary ….Not). (3) I’m a perfectionist.

Sam and I have been talking about this website from day one, about her expectations and my own. We came up with a pretty good list of things that we wanted for the new website. We wanted to update the information about the history, events, how to become a member/volunteer, and visiting the Whaley House.

I researched other historic house museum websites in Michigan to see what I liked and what I didn’t like about them, and came up with a list of what ours should be. I then picked out a layout (there was 300 to choose from) with Sam and began typing away.

I could definitely design websites forever! it was so much fun searching for pictures, making everything look aesthetically pleasing, and checking that all the links worked correcting. Now I am pretty much done with it. Everything is in place, and I have to say I am very proud of how well it turned out. It is way better than I ever could have imagined. I think Sam is very happy with it too (she has the final say!).

Check back some time next week for the Reveal !!

Until then here is a preview,




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