Book Club Preview

I hope you are all working on reading this month’s book club selection. I’m working on finishing it up myself (Hey, I’ve got a lot to do around here!). So, I’m finding the book fascinating myself. The grandeur of the world’s fair partnered with a good true crime novel…what more could a reader want?!

An image the Chicago World’s Fair

Anyways, I’m here to give you a few ideas to start thinking about before next week’s meeting.

1. Did 1890s Chicago sound like a place you’d want to visit?

South Water Street in Chicago, ca. 1890s

2. Had you ever heard of any of the characters in the book?

Frederick Law Olmsted

3. Why was a man like Holmes attracted to the city?

H. H. Holmes

4. What is your favorite passage in the book?

Well, hopefully this is enough to get your started. I don’t want to give anything away about what happens in the book if you aren’t finished yet, or you don’t know the story, but I definitely look forward to seeing you all at the Whaley House in one week! Even if you haven’t finished the book, stop by and enjoy some good conversation and refreshments before gearing up for next month’s selection, The Beautiful Cigar Girl.


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