Haunting of Whaley’s Past

As someone who is scared of two things water and paranormal activity, I chose the WRONG profession as a life-long career. Wednesday I heard my first Whaley ghost. Sam was in her office, doing her directorial duties. I was at my Intern Desk in the summer kitchen doing my internial (you like that word? because I do.) duties. When to my left, I heard what sounded like papers being rustled through or swiped along the wall. I of course, immediately thought BURGLARS due to the earlier events of this week. So I suggested to Sam we do a walk through to make sure there was no one lurking in the house. We walked through, and no one was here except us. So of course, it was a ghost making themselves known. Thank you ghost, but it wasn’t really necessary.


Sam was reading my blog she told me about another Whaley house that is located in California. Sometimes we get mistaken for it, all the way here in Michigan. Crazy, huh. Well anyway, as a curious millennial I, of course, Googled it. I would love to experience the culture and the history that has been living there since 1852. But the fact that their website states that, “According to the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted, the house is the number one most haunted house in the United States…” PASS! My ghost-phobia anxiety is at an all time high. The website even says that REGIS PHILBIN saw a ghost there, Regis admits to seeing one! Holey Toledo! REGIS freaking PHILBIN!!  I hope that this doesn’t happen to me while I am here are our Whaley house. Ghosts Go Away, Jessie doesn’t want to see you!!

So today is Friday, and we are waiting on Ruth so we can put away some of the Whaley Family silver. Which, I am super excited about! At my last internship (the Flint Institute of Arts) we were not able to touch any of the collection. So I am really excited to be able to have a more hands on experience with the collection here. Since I hope to be able to do this in the future, I believe that handling the collection with the careful eye of Sam will help me in my future career.


P.S. I was helping unload the silverware, the first thing I grab to unwrap falls to the floor… It was a silver baby spoon. Sam and Ruth both at the same time turned and looked at me. I was MORTIFIED. That would happen to me.


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