Have you made a New Year’s Resolution yet? It is almost halfway through the month, so if you’re going to make them, now’s the time! I’ve made a few myself. Of course I always want to eat healthier and make time to exercise. Who doesn’t, right? But I also set a few more personal resolutions involving spending more time on some of my hobbies. I need to put my new sewing machine to good use!

According to, losing weight, volunteering, getting a better education, taking a trip, and living green are some very popular New Year’s resolutions. Well, the Whaley House can help with some of these!

If you’re thinking about ways you can give back to the community, consider volunteering! We always need more help in our efforts to preserve and use the museum for educational purposes. If you have a particularly green thumb, we can use you to help with our flower gardens! If you are particularly handy, we would love to have you help with various maintenance projects. Finally, if you love learning about history, have a few extra hours, and love interacting with people, we could add you to our list of volunteers for programs, tours, or rentals! Basically, if you have the desire to help preserve and promote this Flint landmark in the community, we can find the perfect spot for you.

Additionally, if you have resolved to improve your education or learn more about your community and your past please consider participating in some of the upcoming programs at the Whaley Historic House Museum! We have a whole list of upcoming programs that will explore Gilded Age crime, women’s history, antique linens, and nineteenth-century board games and virtues.

I bet you never thought of using the Whaley House to achieve some of your New Year’s Resolution, but you can! And we’d love to be at your service! Feel free to call the House at 810-471-4714 or email if you have any questions about anything you’ve read here! I look forward to seeing you!


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