“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

This year I had to start thinking about Christmas FAR earlier than most would find appropriate. Well, unless you’re a retailer and begin shoving Christmas down consumer throats at the beginning of October, that is. But anyways, there are two reasons I’ve had Christmas on the brain for at least a month already.

1. I play in a concert band. The band had their first Christmas rehearsal on October 21. Granted, I was on my honeymoon at that time and thankfully avoided this practice, but I still heard all about it.

2. Christmas plans here at the Whaley House begin FAR in advance.

Now, however, I’m all systems go for a fabulous holiday season. Basically, I’m the kind of person who’s ready for Christmas about a week (if that) after Halloween. I don’t see it as simply Christmas, though, but as two months of festivities, fun, and family! So, I was thinking that I’d share a few Victorian traditions, a few of my own favorites, and then ask you about yours. Because I’d really like to hear from you!


1. Ghost stories were a common staple of the winter months during the nineteenth century and long before that! Thus, they were a favorite Christmas tradition. It was believed that spirits were more active during the darker, winter months. A Christmas Carol is probably the most famous Christmas ghost story out there!

2. Christmas cards were a tradition that began in nineteenth-century England. Since most families couldn’t afford to purchase cards, however, they would make their own.

3. Many credit the Victorians with moving gift giving to Christmas Day. This practice had largely been associated with the New Year. Early gifts included trinkets, nuts, fruit, and homemade items.

Sam’s Favorites

1. I adore Christmas music. It was a staple in my house growing up and my currently be listening to my Bing Crosby Holiday station on Pandora.

2. Now that I am perfecting my knitting, crocheting, and needlework skills, I love making homemade gifts.

Some day I’ll learn how to use double-pointed needles…

3. Who doesn’t like curling up with a warm blanket, some popcorn, and cocoa for a night of Christmas specials?

3. I would be lying if I said I liked holiday food…because I love it! Stuffing oneself at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and every other get-together is so much fun.

So what are some of your favorites? How do you celebrate  this festive time of year?



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