What Say You?

Goals for this post:

1. Don’t gush about how awesome the Candlelight Tour was on Saturday. (It was totally awesome!)

2. Don’t talk about more Halloween-related topics.

3. Enlighten, entertain, and engage you, the loyal readers.

So, what does this leave me to talk about?


What have YOU liked about the Whaley House in the past few months? What would YOU like to see at the House in the future? Has anything YOU’ve seen or heard prompted YOU to visit the Whaley House?  Has it at least made YOU want to check it out?

I want to create exciting programs for you to enjoy. I want to teach you about the Whaley family and American history and I’m constantly trying to think up new ways to get you involved. You’ve been reading my posts for the past few months and now I would like to read what some of you have to say.


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