Asking for Twenty-Five Pumpkins

Interns do more than make Pumpkin Spice Coffee and write blogs. I’ve done things here at the Whaley House that I wouldn’t have ever imagined doing like assembling museum exhibits and operating a scroll saw. But there are some more specified tasks that I will be focusing on this semester. One is organizing an event for the public that is taking place later this month.


How will you paint your pumpkin?

How will you paint your pumpkin?

On Tuesday, October 29th from 4:00pm – 5:30pm the Whaley House will be hosting a Pumpkin Painting Party for children. The event is free thanks to generous sponsors (but your donations are welcome!) and each child will receive a pumpkin along with some yummy Halloween treats.


The best of Autumn.

The best of Autumn.


Organizing an event is not inherently difficult. I knew that it would be a fun activity and I’m excited to see all the kids. What becomes difficult is securing the items from our sponsors. We are lucky to live in a community that likes to give back. I’ve contacted several different grocery stores and cider mills in the hopes of having our pumpkins, apples, cider and donuts provided to us. The difficult part creeps in when I began to realize that most businesses prefer to have you request donations at least a month in advance – this deadline is already passed. But I will triumph, I’m sure, because I believe in the good nature of our community and I know this is a good cause. Also, I will keep calling and emailing as many sources as I can think of. The show must go on!





Until next time, be well!

-Your Humble Intern Mellie


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