What’s that you say, you need an antique bowl?

You are in luck, my friend, because the Whaley House has been all a flutter lately with a flurry of activity. Not only is the House in Mourning Program in full swing, but our volunteers have been collecting items (glassware, odds and ends, knick knacks, household items, and much more!) for our tag sale at the Flint Farmer’s Market. Generous patrons have donated items to the House to use for this fundraiser (no artifacts or items from the Whaley Historic House are being sold).

These gems will be available for purchase!

These gems will be available for purchase!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m something of a nerd. I like history and Star Wars and have been known to watch the Lawrence Welk Show on more than one occasion. So when I won a pair of tickets to go visit the Antiques Roadshow in Pittsburgh two years ago I was super excited. (That’s right – you have to win tickets in a lottery!) It was a fun afternoon of hob-nobbing with other enthusiasts. Sharing stories about a treasured item’s past, and speculating its value. There is something very exciting about tag sales because you never know exactly what you will find.

My winning tickets.

My winning tickets.

So bring the entire family to the Flint Farmer’s Market on Saturday October 5th, beginning bright & early at 8am. Browse our tables and pick up something unique for your home. You’ll be helping a good cause while enhancing your own collection. And who knows, maybe you’ll pick up an item with an un-told past of its own!




Until next time, be well!

-Your Humble Intern Mellie


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