Things I wasn’t expecting to do as an intern.

This week I had a chance to see just how hands-on life in a historic house can be. Sometimes a Museum Director will give tours of the house and answer questions about the family who lived here. Sometimes she might polish silver and tidy the linen closet. Sometimes she may even buy 14 yards of black fabric for a House in Mourning Exhibit. These are the kinds of things I expected to learn about while I am here. I did not expect to use power tools.


If you ask anyone who knows me (even remotely well) they will probably not describe me as “crafty” or “good with my hands”. I like to work with my tiny basil garden, but that is the extent of my craftsmanship. So when I got to use an X-Acto knife, spray adhesive and a scroll saw this week, I was a bit nervous*.




Having the ability to personalize your exhibits by crafting them yourself is a vital skill. I now know how to gingerly use a sharp knife to cut poster board. I also learned to use spray adhesive sparingly (it comes out fast!). And even though I didn’t guide any items through the blade myself, I did my part to stabilize the saw on the table and keep the vibration down.




The final results are still a work in progress and each day new pieces are being crafted to add to the exhibit. But more importantly, I’ve been exposed to new skills that will come in handy as I travel through life.


Until next time, be well!


-Your Humble Intern Mellie


*No interns were harmed in the making of this blog post.


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