R. J. Whaley’s Trip to Europe: Part III

Editor’s Note: In this section, R. J. travels through Scotland on his way to London.

Stirling July 23d/78

We saw the spot where James the 3– was burried who died June 2d/1488 also his Queen the Princess Margarett of Denmark in the place where once stood the Abbey of Gambus Kenneth of which only the tower remains It was built in 1127 and destroyed at the time of the refformation

Wednesday July 24

Tell McIntosh that Fredrick son of the sec of Royal Bank of Scotland came home short time ago married and returned to Singapore to attend Bank there yesterday we went through Stirling Castle and wash delighted with it We saw a number of curiosities a wooden crown used when the real one was captured also ancient implements of war. Pictures. John Knox pulpit and many other things Saw the room where the Earle of Douglas was killed by James the 2nd Alexander the 1st died here in 1124 The country is beautifull around the Castle and the Garden below where the Royal sports were played are still kept as of old The country from Sirling to Edinburgh is splendid We also visited the Greyfriars Church erected by James 4th 1494 the architecture is French James the 6th was crowned here July 29th 1567. The sermon was Preached by John Knox There are several Roman consecration marks around the church the cemetary adjoining is well laid out but and the finest ground I have seen This day we have looked over Edinburgh pretty thoroughly excepting the castle of Edinburgh Holyrood Pallace we have seen except the portion used by Queen Victoria when she stops here we saw Lord Darnley Room also the eating room (where Rizzio was killed) of Mary Queen of Scots also her bedroom dressing room +c also the picture galery with 106 od Scotland kings. They are not beautifull but ancient The Tapestry is still hanging in the rooms and is splendid The Chapel though in ruins shows that it was elegant Under the east window is where Queen Mary promised to marry Lord Darnley We also saw the place where Lord Darnley was blown up by (it is supposed) Bothwall who Mary afterwards married We also ^saw Knox house sat in his chair saw ancient thumb crews also a machine for putting on the head of scolding woman though the woman who acts as guide assured me that it would easily fit a mans head. The knockers on the door were curious I will try and remember them I am sick + tired + will stop

Thursday July 25th/78

We spent the day mostly with Mr ^J. T. Robeson US Consul and he is jolly sure We have visited most places of interest except the castle and now go there with Robsen. There is not so much of interest as in Holyrood or Stirling. Neither are the old buildings as elaborate as in those

Friday July 26

Melrose Abbey founded by David 1st 1136 + consecrated in 1140 Saw an ancient kneeling stone with 4 Horse shoes cut in back side also saw the grave of Michael Scott (the wizzard) in Scotts Lay of the last minstrell from the Abbey we went to Abbotsford the residence of Walter Scott It is a pleasant ride of 4 miles from Melrose and a beautiful place It is finished mostly after ancient architecture on the inside and is full of antiquities of every discription + is decidedly the prettiest place we have yet seen we will leave here at 1130 for London and expect to arrive about 1030 this evening The ruins of this country are all very much alike Have just recd the delightfull inteligence that there has been a smash up South of here and its uncertain when we will get away from here we waited 3 hours and then started for London which we reached at 12 oclock at night


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