R. J. Whaley’s Trip to Europe: Part II

Editor’s Note: This section of R. J. Whaley’s journal covers his trip through Ireland to his arrival in Scotland.  Spelling and punctuation is R.J.’s; bracketed sections mark indecipherable portions of the journal.

Thursday July 16th

The Irish shore is beautiful the ever green with their little cottages I am delighted the first of Brittish soil and now begins our sight seeing the shore is beutiful all the way to Londonderry and ^then we take a Jaunting Cart for the Jury Hotel and here we now are at the very top of the old rookery I wish you could see us I have just sent a dispatch home I hope to commence to enjoy the beauties of Old Ireland very soon after dinner. We road all over the town and then we took a walk around the walls for it was a walled city At one of the entrances the date was 1690 on the key stone [—–]^ This wall was built in 1611 during the reign of James [—–] The monument erected is to James Walker who gallantly defended the city from through a protracted seige from Dec 7th 1688 Old Style to Aug 12th fowlling against [—–] the 2d many cannon are now on the walls that were used during the seige. It is one English mile around the wall but at present does not include more than one third of the city which has about 30,000 inhabitants Went to the step of the monument which is 100 ft high Cairnes, Leake + Browning with Walker were the principle men that lead in the defence of the city

Wednesday July 17th

We left Londonderry at 7 o c this morning and arrived at Port Rush at 930 we take ^ [—–] Breakfast at ^Mrs [—–] the Temperance House our Jaunting Cart is waiting for us and four of us pay 6/– for the ride to the Giants Causeway + return 16 miles we had the neatest Breakfast that we have had since we left America next is Long Gilbert – the sea is under us next is the Ruins of Dunluse Castle it is an old ruin next the Ladies Punch Bowl. Then Sir Frances McNaughton estate 7 miles through the Giants Causeway is a fraud We only stoped a few moments Dunluse Castle was built by the McDonalds McWilliam,s ten hundred years ago and destroyed by fire over three hundred years ago. was occupied secondly by McDonald It was two stories high. The servants of Lord Antrim burned it after the Kitchen fell + Killed some of them while they were preparing  a great dinner. I went up in the water tower which is not very high Some of the walles are standing the full heighth + are 2 1/2 feet thick McWilliam profile + his two sons are in front of the banqueting hall but badly used up now The castle was never taken The soldiers barracks are outside the draw bridge and are quite extensive The old church is 40 rods away + is in ruins Many old graves like those in St. Augustine have no dates. one inscription on the inside of Church wall. I Judge a memorial stone dated 1674 she was^a niece of McDonald Coat of Arms above it but not distinguishable. we leave Port Rush at 530 for Belfast It is light here from 2 am to 930 PM – Long days

Thursday July 18th

we found ourselves at Belfast and went to the Alhambra (a varriety show) and then to bed

Thursday July 18th

We start out after Breakfast sight seeing + find a very pretty city we see the Prince Albert Memorial Monument also Dr Cook they are fine also City Hall, Bank + other fine buildings + there for the Potameal Garden which is splendid There is to be Pyrotecnical display this evening (The fall of Pewna) I think it will pay to see + perhaps we will not go to Glasgow untill to morrow night The Queens Cottage is a fine Building also the Weslyan College and others denomination in the vicinity we go through the Queens College and go up in the tower + see all over the City what worlds of people There are so many Linen Manufacturers. one company employ over 3000 hands 2500 women we go all through the college Museum Library +c I saw one volume of Commons Journal + is from 1547 to 1607 We go through the Linen Mill mentioned above and it is indeed a sight. My letter from Governor Croswell took me in Instead of going to Glasgow as we expected we conclude to wait here untill morning visit the garden this evening and the see the display / The fall of Pleony / and in the morning start for Dublin

Friday July 19th

We arrive in Dublin at 1130 + immediately go through the old parliament building. the furniture +c as used by the house of lords are now there. It is used for the Bank of Ireland we then go to Christs Church built about the 11th Century It is beautifull as restored by Henry Roe a Distiller of Dublin some of the old pavement[—–] is and placed by itself One inscription is dated 1584 Cecille Harrington (Queen Elizabeths time) Strawbool was burried here his wife +c He invaded this country in 1169 died 1177 The Church was supposed to have been built by the Danes under the church is all filled with  toombs Many tablets found found in the ruins are now placed in the walls one of Sir Henry Sidney dated 1577 also Edward Griffith dated 1508 Lots of stones were dated 1562 + 1180 There were two statues one of Charles the 2d + one of James the 1st of England Stones of the different parts of the building are preserved also the old fountain (babitsmal) There is a Stone coffin supposed to have been St Laurance [—–][—–] who is supposed to have been the founder of the Church and it was a Catholic Church It is elegant but is the same style + finish as originaly done I forgot to say I saw lots of leaden coffins that were taken out + remains reinterred We then go to the Old Castle of Dublin It is guarded used as a barracks by soldiers It has a square or court in the center for parade +c We then go to the Chapel of the castle It is one mass of carvings every Lord Lieutanant of Ireland from 1173 to date Coat of Armes is here finely carved It is not large but very nice The Nelson monument + Duke of Wellington in Pheonix Park^ are fine structures also William of orange Orange on horse back The Cistern House is also a fine building I am not sorry that we came here for it is a fine city we went to Pheonix Park in the evening heard the band the Wellington monument is in this park

Saturday July 20th

We visit Trinity College Dublin commenced in 1591 Queen Elizabeth Regina picture The organ in ex[—–] [—–] was taken from the [—–] The chandalier was in the old house of lords The Chapel is beautifull also the memorial windows The commons hall ^dining hall is also lined with paintings of ancient men in high places. The Library ^built in 1735 245000 volumes is next We saw an eddition of Shakespeare 1664 The Breeches Bible so called dated 1583. This bible edition was suppressed by reason of the broad language also saw the first book of common prayer dated  1545 that was issued This college was opened in 1591 the first student came in 1593 and his name was Usher + it has never been closed since except at night The Harp of ^Boroimke Brian Boroimke used between the 10th + 11th century also the Charter horn of O. Cavaugh This is what they held their estates by in the 12th Century also Jewelry of that date which is very curious Roman Catholic Mass book printed in Paris in 1510 the letters are red + black and as beautifull as anything of the present day. Then we saw the first edition of Protestant Bible printed commenced in 1535 ended October 4th same year there were 200 printed + this is one of seven known to exist. We then go to the Botanic Garden which are very beautifull. Plants from all over the world are there and flowers of every description next comes Glasnevin ^ catholic cemetry many fine monuments are here David O Connell is the most prominent. We leave at 4 PM for Glasgow in a small boat The Earl of Carlisle

Sunday July 21

I get up at eight AM just as we come to the Scottish Isles Cambria they look very pleasant the island of Bute is on our left It is a large island + belongs to the Marquis of Bute we did not rest well last night It was foggy and we came near running into two vessals We pass the monument of Henry Bell erected to his honor for being the first inventor of River Steamboats we also pass Dumbarton Rock which is fortified both are on the [—–][—–] above Grunosk The shores of which are very high and look quite picturesque We shall reach Glasgow about 12 at noon I have a terrible cold + when once in my room I think I shall stay there


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