This Week at Whaley House Museum

General Tours During the forty years R. J. and Mary Whaley lived on East Kearsley Street they witnessed Flint evolve from a small lumbering town to one of the world’s largest manufacturing centers.  As you tour their home, you will discover their lives and their lasting contributions to Flint.

Tuesday, August 4: 10 am and 3 pm

Thursday, August 6: 10 am and 3 pm

Sunday, August 9: 1 pm to 4 pm

Admission: Adults: $5, Students/Youths: $3.

Next Week: East Kearsley Street Walking Tour, August 15.

The Week Link

Another installment in our odd, interesting, or useful links to Victorian era history.

This week’s selection is Stanford University’s Dime Novel and Story Paper Collection.  You can browse covers and read the text of some of the nineteenth century’s most popular works of fiction.


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